Physician’s Initial Report of Work Injury or Occupational Disease
This report must be filed pursuant to rule R568-2-3-(A)
For your protection Utah law requires notification that nay workers’ compensation fraudulent claim for disability compensation or medical benefits is a crime and may be subject to fines and confinement in the sate prison.
Industrial Commission - Industrial Accidents Division
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Claim No.
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Class Code.

1. Employee’s First Name: Middle Initial: Last Name:

2. Social Security No.:

3. DOB:

4. Sex:

5. Street Address: City: State: Zip:

6. Phone No.:

7. Ht.:

8. Wt.:

9. Name of Employer:

10. Address:

11. Phone No.:

12 Date Injured: Hour: AM PM

13. Last Date Worked:

14a. Has This Part Been Injured Before?

14b. If “Yes” State When and Describe:

15. Employee’s Statement of Cause of Injury or Illness (In First Person):

16. Describe Complaints (In First Person):

17. Findings of Examination:

18. X-Rays? Yes No


19. ICD-9 Codes:

20. Diagnosis (Written Description)

21. Is the Condition Requiring Treatment the Result of the Industrial Injury or Exposure Described?

Yes No Undetermined If “No” Explain:

22. Date of First Treatment: Hour AM PM

23. Type of Treatment:

24. If Hospitalized, What Hospital?

In-Patient Out-Patient

25. If case Referred to Another Physician, Give Physician’s Name and Address

26. Is Condition Medically Stationary?

Yes No

27. Is Any Further Treatment Required?
Yes No
If “Yes” Date of Next Visit and How Many Estimated?

28. Will Injury Cause Permanent Impairment? Yes No

29. Does Injury Prevent Return to Regular Employment? Modified Employment?
Yes No          If “Yes” Estimate Time Loss: Yes No

If “Yes” Explain Restrictions:

30. Date Released for Work:

31. Remarks or Outline of Proposed Treatment:

32. Are There Any Conditions That Would Retard or Prevent Recovery? Yes No

33. Name of Physician and Degree:

34. Address:

35. Phone No.:

36. Federal Tax I.D. Number

37. Date:

38. Signature (Physicians Own Signature Please):

White: Industrial Commission

Yellow: Employee

Pink: Insurance Carrier

Goldenrod: Physicians’ File

Workers Comp. Info. For Employer

Employee Name:_____ _______________

Work Limitations:_________ _______________

How Long Do You Anticipate Limitations?______ _______

How Much Weight Is Employee Able To Lift?____ _____

Is Employee Able To Do Sedentary Work?_____ ____